Webinar Session Vol.12 - Trend Micro Connected Threat Defense & Security

In today’s complex threat landscape, organizations often use a variety of security products – ESG cites up to 25 – to protect against the constant onslaught of threats. These threats are no longer one-to-many, but highly targeted.

Managing the complexity and volume of disparate solutions that typically do not integrate becomes a daunting task, and threats growing across your network may remain undetected. Your organization needs to a different security approach.

Leveraging XGen™ security capabilities across multiple solutions, Trend Micro’s Connected Threat Defense is a layered security approach that gives you a better way to quickly protect, detect, and respond to new threats while simultaneously improving visibility and streamlining investigation across your entire IT infrastructure.

Attend this webinar and learn how Trend Micro can help you shield your organization from the latest threats and targeted attacks.