Cybersecurity: A day in the life of an IT admin or security analyst

  • Date 14/07/2021
  • Time 13:00
  • Location Virtual

Is it time to rethink your cybersecurity strategy?

In the game of chess, pawns are the bravest game piece. They guard the front line, caring less about their well-being, more concerned about the welfare of their king and queen. Security admins share a similar responsibility: securing their organization against their opponents—cybercriminals. But unlike chess, cybersecurity isn’t a game and the opposition doesn’t follow any rules.

So how do you beat an opponent like this? This webinar sheds light on the strategies cybercriminals use to intrude on and persist inside networks. Leveraging this strategy will also help you build a comprehensive security plan that you can implement right away. Together, we can win!


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