IT Analytics

IT Analytics is a landscape of emerging innovation that touch strictly on performance management or include support for change management, security, or even financial planning, operational efficiencies, and IT governance.

Create intuitive reports and view live dashboards easily and flexibly without writing lengthy database queries.

Advanced IT Analytics

Collect, analyze, and report on IT operations data to gain the necessary insights needed to optimize your IT.


  • Secure, real-time collaboration
  • Trend forecasting
  • Data alerts
  • Embedded analytics
  • Data import from cloud and local databases
  • Powerful formula engine for custom functions
  • Cost analytics for AWS
  • Spend analysis
  • Spending based on business unit
  • Budget control

Out-of-the-box integrations for your IT applications.


  • Make faster decisions
  • Envision the future
  • Connect to any data source
  • Blend data from multiple sources
  • Securely share data, and collaborate in real time