Support & Maintenance

We offer support for all solutions within our portfolio. Support contracts are typically for 12 months. Should it be required, contract consolidation can be arranged. Different levels of support are available.

Renewal of support contracts are also managed by us.

Support Contracts

Resolution of issues to provided solutions that occur during their use, as well as related general or functional questions. The purpose of support is to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the solutions in accordance with its specifications. The support is provided remotely through phone, email or remote connection. Available 8×5 or 24×7.

8×5 Support Contract

In an 8×5 Support Contract, all services covered by the Agreement shall be provided during regular business hours, excluding holidays (Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00). If support is required outside of regular business hours then additional charges will be applied.

24×7 Support Contract

In an 24×7 Support Contract, all services covered by the Agreement shall be provided irrespective of regular business hours or holidays.

Upgrade Services

Available for up to four (4) major/minor software releases-patches per year and up to two (2) yearly visits for health check – recommendations and providing a findings report. Corrective actions, in case security issues are identified during the annual security audits carried out by the customer.

Service Level Agreement

Features like business impact or risk level, interruption of work, number of affected users and alternative treatment are used to determine the severity of a reported issue. Various priorities and support tiers apply.

Site Service

We provide remote service because it is less invasive to the end user and has faster turnaround. We will offer on-site service when physical movement or configuration of IT Assets is necessary, remote accessibility is limited and / or when our representative expects that an on-site repair will be faster.