Fraud Management

Most cyberattacks start with phishing and your consumers are exposed targets for cybercriminals to exploit. While fraud attacks continue to be a persistent problem, a layered protection strategy across the multi-step fraud lifecycle is necessary.

We provide solutions that minimize the impact of fraud and security incidents by giving your business everything it is needed to be confident.

Risk-Based Authentication

Full-featured risk-based solutions to implement customized rules and workflows for authentication and fraud prevention.

Software-Defined Perimeter

Modern secure access solutions, based on Zero Trust principles and built to support hybrid and complex IT.

Digital Threat Protection

Unparalleled threat visibility and comprehensive risk management to identify and eliminate attacks early on.

Functions & Benefits

  • Strengthen security
  • Reduce complexity
  • Improve experience
  • Streamline automation
  • Customizable authentication
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Risk orchestration
  • Threat visibility
  • Threat takedown
  • Threat reporting

Dynamic protection against complex fraud.