How to keep off the phishing hook with AppGate’s TFP Framework

  • Date 28/07/2021
  • Time 11:00
  • Location Virtual

Why attend this webinar:

Phishing, or Social Engineering represents over 90% of the Threat witnessed by Governments and Financial institutions on a Daily basis. While not the most technically advance form of attack, it remains by far the most common and detrimental. The Appgate Total Fraud protection Framework bring a complete modular solution capable of defeating this Threat with an unrivalled efficiency. Allowing our customers to concentrate on residual threats mitigation.

In this webinar, we will detail the main 4 modules of the TFP framework. We will also be examining how the Appgate Orchestrator Framework can help you establish a dynamic anti phishing logic within your existing infrastructure, allowing a fast and easy solution deployment.


  • DTP – Threat Landscape Analysis
  • DSB – End Point protection for Web Portal and Mobile Device
  • DID – Authentication Solution
  • DTA – Transactional Analysis Expert system


Operations director
Channel IT Ltd.