Identities are the new passwords

  • Date 09/03/2022
  • Time 12:00
  • Location Virtual

Why attend this webinar?

A whopping 61% of all data breaches involve compromised credentials. Even passwords that adhere to the strongest of password policies are rendered vulnerable when stored in insecure password managers, shared with coworkers, reused for personal accounts, and more. Enforcing stricter policies only results in passwords that are harder to remember, which brings us back to questionable methods of password storage.

Reduce your dependence on passwords by turning to identities for authentication. In this webinar, our Product Expert Sharada Murthy breaks down the importance of going passwordless in a threat-filled digital landscape, as well as how you can employ user identities to thwart data breach attempts.


  • Passwordless authentication practices
  • Implementation of MFA
  • Utilizing Single Sign-On


Product expert