3 cyberattacks you can launch in your network to test your SIEM

  • Date 21/07/2022
  • Time 13:00
  • Location Virtual

Why attend this webinar?

A SIEM solution can detect and remediate attacks within minutes. But, does your SIEM effectively do that? If you have invested in a SIEM, it’s crucial for you to ascertain if the solution works effectively. If you’re evaluating a SIEM, you can understand what to expect from a SIEM when you deploy one in your network. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to launch 3 cyberattacks in your network and check if your SIEM is able to effectively detect and remediate the attacks.

What we’ll discuss:

  • What problems should a SIEM tool address
  • Sought-after SIEM capabilities
  • Password spray attack: Launch and detection
  • Privilege escalation attack by PowerShell Dropper: Launch and detection
  • Lateral movement by remote code execution: Launch and detection
  • Way forward to make the most out of your SIEM


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