Modernize your IAM strategy with SSO and passwordless login

  • Date 23/05/2023
  • Time 13:00
  • Location Virtual

Why attend this webinar?

You probably know what SSO is. But do you know why it’s time to take it seriously? The global market value for SSO is predicted to grow to $8.4 billion by 2030*. With rapid digitization and proliferation of identities, the risk of successful account takeovers are at an all-time high. Join this webinar and learn how SSO and passwordless login can close the identity security gaps in today’s digital era and help you build a concrete cyberdefense mechanism.

*SSO Global Strategic Business Report

What you’ll learn:

  • The challenges of digital transformation
  • How SSO and passwordless login can help combat advanced cyberattacks
  • SSO best practices to further your identity security
  • How to implement these best practices across your IT environment easily


Product expert