Password cracking techniques in 2021: How to protect against them?

  • Date 28/07/2021
  • Time 13:00
  • Location Virtual

Why attend this webinar:

Establishing an initial foothold in the network is the most complex phase of a cyberattack kill chain. An exposed password of a single endpoint enables attackers to gain that initial level of access in your network. Almost every security attack involves gaining access to plaintext passwords or hashes at different stages. Password security techniques, such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), have come a long way in improving password security, but threat-actors have always devised new strategies to crack passwords.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Understand the evolution of password-based attacks in 2021, and observe the techniques, elementary to advanced, employed to crack passwords in IT environments such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD) , Azure AD, AWS and more.
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to understand the reason behind weak passwords, and IT management practices that expose passwords in a network.
  • Build a comprehensive security strategy to strengthen password security, and also detect password extraction or cracking attempts on your network.


Product expert