The evolution of AI and ML in cybersecurity

  • Date 18/04/2023
  • Time 13:00
  • Location Virtual

Intro / abstract:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are critical for a mature cybersecurity program. These technologies enable organizations to detect time, count, and pattern anomalies; and compute a risk score for every user and entity in the network. Instead of writing threat detection rules, security analysts can rely on the system learning on its own and alerting them about potential threats. AI and ML in cybersecurity helps decrease false positives, while increasing the occurrence of true positives.


  • Understanding how AI and ML in cybersecurity began
  • Detecting time, count, and pattern anomalies
  • Scoring risks for proactive security
  • Analyzing peer groups and seasonal factors to improve risk scoring
  • Modeling anomalies for added flexibility, precision, and effectiveness


Product expert